3 weeks itinerary in Indonesia

Are you planning to go to Indonesia but have no idea of where to go? Have a look at our itinerary of 3 weeks.

Indonesia is a huge country with more than 17.500 island. You need an entire life to discover it but don’t get stressed! You can start with the most common destinations and then go again to discover the off the beaten track.

Indonesian people are charming and welcoming. They are definitely the most smiling people I have ever met! Amazing! Also, get ready to take selfies with local youngsters 🙂

Happy grandma and poser granddaughter

There are many tour operators in Indonesia. You can organize all or part of your trip with organized tours or, as we did, have a driver for some days and improvise for the rest!

You can book everything in advance but it would be more expensive. I wouldn’t recommend to rent a car and drive by yourself while it is a good idea to rent a scooter in Ubud to discover the surroundings.    


Day 1: Fly to Yogyakarta

Day 2: Visit the temple of Borobudur

Day 3: Visit the temple of Pramaban

Day 4: Discover Yogyakarta’s markets and take a night train to Malang

Day 5: Visit the Bromo volcano

Day 6: Visit the Ijen volcano and head towards Meru Betiri Reserve

Day 7: See the turtles at dawn and take a ferry from Ketapang to Bali

Bromo Vulcano – Java


Day 8: Visit the central mountains ans spend the night in Munduk

Day 9: Go to Jatiliuwih and choose a hotel with mountains view

Day 10: Visit the rice fields of Jatiliuwih

Day 11: Discover Ubud and don’t miss the dance shows

Day 12: Rent a scooter and visit the temples & rice fields around Ubud

Day 13: Visit the rice fields of Ubud

Rice fields – Ubud, Bali


Day 14: Take the ferry from Amed to Bangsal Harbour and prepare for the Rinjani Trek

Day 15: Trekking in Rinjani

Day 16: Trekking in Rinjani

Day 17: Trekking in Rinjani and take a boat to Gili Islands

Day 18: Relax in Gili Islands

Day 19: Relax in Gili Islands

Day 20: Relax in Gili Islands

Day 21: Go to Denpasar and fly back home

Mount Rinjani – Lombok

If you prefer the sea rather than mountains, then go to Komodo Island instead of Lombok to see the famous dragons, enjoy the beautiful beaches, snorkel and dive.

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